It’s Time to Elevate Big Sky

Collective action for the land and people of Big Sky

Big Sky is at a critical point where rapid growth and increased visitation have put unprecedented stress on the land and the people. In our unincorporated community, the future of Big Sky is up to all of us. Elevate Big Sky is a framework to bring together a diversity of community members and community leaders to thoughtfully and strategically address our community’s greatest needs. 
our history

How We Got Here


1. Our Big Sky Strategic Plan,
led by Logan Simpson


1.Big Sky Relief forms in response to COVID-19 pandemic

2.Behavioral Health Report, led by Buz Davis & Associates 


1. Launch committee of Elevate Big Sky, led by Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors

2. Greenhouse Gas Emissions report, led by Big Sky Sustainability Network Organization (SNO) 

About Us
Elevate Big Sky is a community-led, donor-funded effort to address the most pressing issues facing our community. Our model empowers the people who live and work in Big Sky to lead the way in identifying long-term solutions and shaping the future of the community.
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Our Focus
Our focus is to find both immediate and sustainable solutions in three key areas: accessible livability, behavioral health needs, and environmental stewardship.
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Share Your Voice
As a member of the Big Sky community who is invested in its future, your opinion matters to us. If you have a story or idea to share, please fill out the form on our website to get the conversation started.
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Grants are administered by invitation only to multi-year, multi-stakeholder initiatives that have traveled through our community-led vetting process. To learn more about this process, visit our Grants page.
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“We have a great sense of community. Even with the current challenges we are facing, Big Sky is a phenomenal community and we band together when people are in need”

John Seelye

Elevate Big Sky committee member, longtime resident and business owner

“This visual ‘hug’ is symbolic of Big Sky’s support and appreciation for its healthcare facility and its workers. I feel so grateful for our healthcare workers and believe that we, as a community, should celebrate them.”

Jessie Bough

Lone Peak High School student and organizer of “hug the hospital” event during COVID-19

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Be a part of shaping Big Sky’s future. Contact us to donate, share your story, or learn about getting involved.