Caring for Our Neighbors

Similar to many mountain resort communities, Big Sky is a bit of a paradise paradox: with its sparkling rivers, snow-topped peaks and endless wilderness this is an outdoor enthusiast’s mecca. But under the hood, Big Sky can be a very challenging place to live with long winters, feelings of isolation, a transient community and income disparity. Montana is one of the top three states in the nation where rates of depression, substance abuse and suicide are the highest. When we normalize the struggles, we can create new ways of connecting with one another. Community members and leaders aim to cultivate a culture of care that supports people across all spectrums of age, race, gender and socio-economics.

Health & Wellness

of Big Sky residents personally impacted by substance abuse
Compared to 35.8% of the U.S.
of Big Sky residents report excessive drinking behaviors
Compared to 20% in MT and 27% in the greater U.S.
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Community Solutions

Since 2021, Elevate funding partners have collectively invested over $2M into the greater Big Sky region specifically to support community-led efforts to build a culture of care.

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"Having outreach to the community fueled by individuals who truly care is something I hope isn’t taken for granted. I hope to be a part of this program in many forms moving forward. Thank you for what you guys do, it is noticed and appreciated."

– Holistic Emotional First Aid (HEFA) workshop participant

Our community is asking for support and using all support mechanisms available.

  • Wellness in Action is currently serving 179 unduplicated clients for a total of 1,721 total counseling hours.
  • WIA's community health worker currently has a full caseload of 20 clients with a waitlist.
  • Rimrock's part-time Peer Support Specialist currently working with 14 clients seeking addiction support. Planning for a full time peer support specialist by summer 2024.
  • 31 well-attended wellness & prevention program offerings at Big Sky’s community center, BASE.
“One day I passed out, got woken up by the fire department. They took me to the hospital. The nurse noted after testing my blood alcohol level that she could not believe I was conscious, that I was still alive. This phrase haunts me, still gives me shivers. I looked at the nurse and said, ‘Oh, I guess it’s just the Irish curse.’ Me making light of the fact that I should have been dead was just horrible, horrible, inexplicable. That was when I realized I needed to get help. I detoxed for a week in a hotel with the help of two friends. It was horrible.”

Seth Griggs-Ryan

Community member and treatment program graduate

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