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Lured by its abundant wilderness, miles of river, and snow-capped peaks, we came to Big Sky for the beauty and outdoor opportunities. However, if we do nothing to preserve these wild and wonderful places, we run the risk of seeing them disappear. We are already beginning to see the warning signs: access sites along the Gallatin River being overused and riverbeds disturbed, trails are overcrowded, and vehicle traffic is clogging our roadways, increasing the amount of greenhouse gas emissions. As more people move to and visit Big Sky, it is our job to be responsible stewards of these wild places, ensuring they will be here for future generations to enjoy. 

“In 20 years working as a scientist on the Gallatin, I have never been so concerned about the conditions of our water resources and the threats they are facing. Without immediate action and concerted efforts, we may only have two years of adequate clean water for Big Sky without immediate action.”

Kristin Gardner

Executive Director, Gallatin River Task Force

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