Big Sky’s Opportunity

Elevate Big Sky is a collaborative funding framework that brings our community together as we mature into both a world-class resort destination and year-round community. Through community-wide needs assessments, surveys, and data-driven reports, three themes emerged as current areas of greatest need for the Big Sky community: accessible livability, health & wellness, and stewardship of the natural environment. It is our collective responsibility and opportunity to work collaboratively to elevate the people and land of Big Sky we all love.


Working individuals and families are the heartbeat of Big Sky, but each year as more people visit and relocate to our destination mountain resort community, it becomes more challenging for local workforce to make a life here. Elevate Big Sky is focused on addressing the complex issues of supporting affordable housing and quality, affordable childcare

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Health & Wellness

Montana is consistently one of the top states in the nation where rates of depression, substance abuse and suicide are the highest. When we normalize struggles, we can create new ways of connecting with one another. Big Sky partners are collaborating on creating a culture of care with increased counseling services,  referral pathways, recreational opportunities as alternatives to party culture, and no cost barriers to accessing care.

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Drawn by its abundant wilderness, miles of river, and snow-capped peaks, many of us first came to Big Sky for the natural beauty and outdoor opportunities. As more people visit and move to this region, impacts on the environment will increase. By finding solutions now, we can lessen negative environmental impact, protect this wild and wonderful place,  and invest in making Big Sky sustainable for generations to come.

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