Big Sky’s Responsibility 

Through the Our Big Sky strategic plan plus subsequent reports on Behavioral Health and Environment, three themes emerged as current areas of greatest need for our community: accessible livability, behavioral health, and environmental stewardship. It is our collective responsibility to listen to these needs and work collaboratively to elevate the people and land of Big Sky we all love. 


Sky-high housing costs and a lack of child care make it nearly impossible for middle-income families to put down roots in Big Sky. Our goal is to develop a system of support for these community members to live, work, thrive, and raise their families here.

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Health & Wellness

Big Sky can seem like an idyllic place to live, but it can be a tough place to put down roots. Suicide and substance abuse rates are high here and behavioral health resources can be scarce and difficult to access. We envision a place where everyone receives health and wellness services they need.

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Increased demand on our water resources and gas emissions from more vehicles on our roads are just a couple of factors that are stressing our environment. These impacts will only become greater as more people visit and move to Big Sky. By finding solutions now, we can lessen the impact and plan for the future.

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